Tiger Beat

Did Woods Sleep With Neighbor’s Daughter?

Just when Tiger Woods seemed to be getting his life back on track, another mistress has stepped forward with a bombshell: The National Enquirer is reporting that Woods slept with his neighbor’s daughter, Raychel Coudriet, whom he first met when she was 14. It’s unclear how old she was when they allegedly began sleeping together, but the Enquirer says Woods would make out with Coudriet in his SUV outside his home while his wife Elin was inside and that he slept with her in his office beside a crib he kept there for his children. Tiger may have left his trademark print on the affair, as well: text messages, in which he reportedly asks Coudriet for Ambien-fueled sex and writes things like, "When are you coming home again? I want to see you. What are you doing right now? Are you touching yourself? I want to f--- you."