Did Sorkin Steal Colleagues' Work?

Business journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin's bestselling new book, Too Big To Fail, a minute-by-minute account of Lehman Brothers’ failure, hasn't earned him more friends over at The New York Times. Some of Sorkin's colleagues think that his relationships with his sources are too close–one of them compared his relationship with Wall Street honchos to Judith Miller's relationship with Bush-administration officials. Newsroom tension escalated two weeks ago after the New York Post suggested that Sorkin failed to acknowledge that he used investigative reporting by his colleagues Don Van Natta Jr. and Gretchen Morgenson. Sorkin has a lot of friends in both business and journalism though, earned through his hard work on the DealBook blog over at the Times. His work has impressed Graydon Carter so much that he said he's extended a standing offer to Sorkin at Vanity Fair. "I've never seen this kind of talent," he said.