Born to Love

Did Bruce Springsteen Cheat?

Is Bruce’s wife about to join the Broken Hearts Club? According to court papers filed by a jilted husband, Bruce Springsteen wooed a New Jersey housewife named Ann Kelly with concert tickets, serenaded her during rehearsals and admitted he couldn’t get her off his mind while on tour. Ann Kelly’s husband filed for divorce last year and blames his failed marriage on his wife’s alleged affair with the singer. Settlement of the divorce is expected this week. According to the soon-to-be-ex-husband, what began as casual run-ins at the gym turned into lunches sometimes accompanied by the couple’s two daughters, who became increasingly familiar with The Boss. Kelly supposedly put her friends on the lookout for Springsteen sightings and even told her mother-in-law “it made her feel good that Bruce Springsteen was very interested in her.” Although the Kellys’ marriage is nearly over, a friend of the singer confirmed to the New York Post that all is well in the Springsteen household.