DiCaprio to Return Funds Linked to Malaysian 1MDB Fraud

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio said he will return any money embezzled from a Malaysian government fund if it is determined that it financed the production of his film The Wolf of Wall Street or his environmental foundation. According to a spokesperson, DiCaprio has been cooperating with the U.S. Department of Justice in the investigation since July, when it was announced; the statement is the first the Oscar-winner’s camp has made on the widening financial scandal. The DoJ filed a lawsuit to seize upward of $1 billion tied to a state investment fund known as 1MDB. The suit includes the rights to the film, according to a representative for DiCaprio. The Hollywood A-lister said he will follow any determination from the agency about funds that may have supported the movie or his nonprofit. “Both Mr. DiCaprio and [the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation] continue to be entirely supportive of all efforts to assure that justice is done in this matter,” a statement said. “Mr. DiCaprio is grateful for the lead and instruction of the government on how to accomplish this.”