Diane Sawyer to Interview Romneys

Diane Sawyer announced via Twitter Thursday that she'll be interviewing Ann and Mitt Romney next week and asked people to suggest questions via #AskRomney. The hashtag has inspired many tweets which range from harsh ("when was the last time @MittRomney or @AnnDRomney couldn't afford to go to the doctor?") to mocking ("I'd ask them the best place to get a good price on a car elevator.") to absurd ("If you were a security guard at the Louvre and you saw someone writing 'USA' on the Mona Lisa, would you stop them?" "Do u like ham or turkey sandwiches? have you had that dream where ur naked at school? do u know how it feels to be lonly?" and "Why do we always have to do it 'More Than a Feelin'?") Wonder which of these Sawyer will use.