DHS Employee Suspected in D.C.-Area Shooting

D.C.-area police are investigating whether two deadly Friday morning shootings in Maryland are at all connected to a Thursday evening incident in which a man shot and killed his wife in a school parking lot. Montgomery County officials said two males—one of which died from his injuries—and one female were shot in the Montgomery Mall parking lot and the suspect is still at large; the status of those injured by gunfire is reportedly critical. Soon afterward, one woman was killed in a shooting at a nearby Aspen Hill grocery store.

Prince George’s County police searched for 62-year-old Eulalio Tordil, an employee of the Federal Protective Service—a bureau of the Department of Homeland Security. He was reportedly placed on administrative leave in March after a protective order was placed against him. Police say he followed 44-year-old Gladys Tordil, a local science teacher, to their children’s school and killed her. Police took Tordil into custody shortly before 3 p.m.