Detroit Explosives Plot: Michigan Man Charged

A man from northern Michigan has been charged for the plot in which a bomb was left inside a Detroit federal building for 20 days before anyone realized it might be an explosive. Gary Mikulich, 42, has a history of bizarre rants and strange complaints to the FBI. Mikulich has complained to the police about the FBI and a “card system” he says is responsible for deaths in his community 20 times since January. "This card system is going berserk for some reason. They are making threats of hitting the local police, sheriff's office, and state police. They are threatening to murder me too,” read a Feb 11 fax. Mikulach, an electrical engineer, is charged with leaving a toolbox full of what seem to be explosives outside the McNamara Federal Building. Someone found the bomb outside the building on Feb. 26 and brought it inside, where it sat until March 18, when a security officer decided to X-ray it.