'Desperate' Fergie 'in a Very Bad Place'

Days after Sarah Ferguson was caught selling access to ex-husband Prince Andrew, the Duchess of York is falling apart, insiders say, describing her as "desperate" and "in a very bad place." According to The Daily Mail, Fergie tearfully apologized to friends and loved ones in a phone call Monday; she’s also admitted that her ex-husband knew nothing about her scheme. "No one is excusing what she has done and it will take those who trusted her a long time to forgive," a source told the paper, "but essentially she is a decent person and it's hard not to feel slightly sorry for her.” Earlier this week, Ferguson was caught on tape asking for $40,000 in cash and more than $700,000 by wire transfer in exchange for access to Prince Andrew, who serves as Britain's special representative for international trade and investment. The sting was orchestrated by a News of the World reporter posing as a wealthy businessman. Following the scandal, Ferguson appeared at a Variety charity event in Los Angeles Sunday, where she told the audience, “When I got on that flight from London today I thought 'Phew, I've had a heavy day.'" Ferguson, who sources say claims to be broke, has allegedly said that she fears for her and her two daughters’ future in the wake of the scandal.