Deputy Kills 16-Year-Old in Juvenile Court

An afternoon scuffle in a juvenile court in Columbus, Ohio, ended with a deputy shooting a 16-year-old defendant dead on Wednesday. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said an altercation began outside the courtroom following a hearing for Joseph Edward Haynes, who was appearing for two delinquency cases. “There was an altercation involving the deputy and some of the family members,” said Franklin County Chief Deputy Rick Minerd. “The deputy was knocked to the ground as part of that altercation where he came under attack... one shot was fired.” Jennifer Brisco, who represented Haynes, said the involved deputy had threatened to arrest the 16-year-old. “Joseph was a little out of sorts because of how things went at the hearing,” she told The Columbus Dispatch. “The officer threatened to lock him up and a scuffle broke out. Joseph was resisting, and that’s when there was a scuffle.”