Reefer Madness

Denver Restaurant to Serve Marijuana-Laced Foods

Looking for a transcendental dining experience? A new Denver restaurant knows how to make that happen: marijuana. Ganja Gourmet, the nation’s first restaurant to sell pot-laced foods, is a new take on the “cannabis clubs” that are now legal in Colorado, as a result of a voter referendum in 2000 that allowed licensed pot providers to sell medical marijuana in the state. Steve Horowitz, the budding chef/entrepreneur behind Ganja Gourmet, said his inspiration for the restaurant came from a desire to create “a cafe that’s a fun chill place and specializes in edibles. None of the other dispensaries have a friendly and chill atmosphere.” Menu items include lasagna, pizza, hummus, brownies, fudge, and a variety of cheesecakes, all of which contain marijuana.