Dennis Hopper Gets Everything

Dennis Hopper's prenuptial agreement with estranged wife Victoria has just been unsealed—and it packs a punch. According to the document, Dennis would keep all his property, fine arts valued at more than $2.5 million, and his "separate property pension and retirement benefits." Victoria would also have to move out of the house within 60 days of divorce filings, extended from 30 days because they have a child together. However, if Dennis were to die while the two were married and living together, she would receive $250,000 in life insurance and 25 percent of his will. Unfortunately for Victoria, they no longer live together. Regardless of marital status, Victoria is only walking away with a few computers, books, an old VW and her grandmother's furniture. According to The Dennis Hopper Trust, Victoria would have pocketed $6.25 million and Dennis' Los Angeles home if they hadn't separated.