Tablet Wars

Dell's iPad Killer?

The Apple iPad became an industry sensation, selling three million units in the first three months it was on sale. But while Apple is known as an innovation leader in terms of concept and design, its execution and network connectivity are points of constant industry and consumer frustration. Competitors have been gaining market share as a result, especially in the smart phone sector, and now the race is on to compete in the tablet wars. One major player revealed itself yesterday at the Oracle Corporation conference yesterday, as Michael Dell took the stage holding a seven-inch tablet which will run on Google’s Android smartphone operating system. It’s the second tablet in the pipeline for Dell, the first of which is the five-inch Streak, which the company unveiled last month. It will be available for sale at Best Buy stores next month. Dell’s not the only company after a share of the tablet segment; Samsung, Hewlett-Packard and Toshiba have also introduced versions.