Death Toll in Syria Bus Bombing Rises to At Least 126

A day after a bomb blast tore through buses transporting evacuees outside Aleppo, a monitoring group said the death toll had climbed to at least 126. Sixty-eight of the 109 evacuees killed were children, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Sunday. Aid workers and Syrian soldiers were also killed in the blast, the group said, warning that the death toll would likely continue to rise. The attack took place in Rashidin, outside Aleppo, when thousands of evacuees were waiting to leave as part of the latest evacuation deal in the more than six-year war. A vehicle distributing food pulled up among the evacuees, prompting dozens of children to run towards the vehicle to receive food, the BBC reported. It was then that the bomb was detonated, killing dozens of children. The evacuation resumed hours after the explosion on Saturday, and it was scheduled to continue throughout Sunday.