Deadly Volcanic Gases Force Door-to-Door Evacuations In Hawaii

Police went door-to-door overnight in Hawaii to force residents to flee from two new vents emitting dangerous gases from the Kilauea volcano in areas where lava has been pouring into streets and backyards for the past week. Some 2,000 residents were ordered to leave their communities on Hawaii’s Big Island last Thursday when the volcano erupted, but some ignored the order and opted stayed to look after their property. But on Tuesday, two new fissures spewing out dangerous volcanic gases prompted Hawaii County to issue a cellphone alert ordering stragglers to get out immediately. Police then followed up the alert with personal visits. Edwin Montoya, 76, had planned to stay to keep thieves away from his family’s property but was forced to evacuate from the dangerous gases. “I’m in my truck right now on my way up the road,” he said. “The police came down here and made me.” Authorities said they now believe the communities have been fully evacuated.