D.C.'s Celebrity Romance

Journalist Hanna Rosin received a letter yesterday from her daughter's school: "An announcement that Shakira—the hottie Colombian pop star—is singing in school on Monday. My daughter does not go to Sidwell Friends or GDS or one of the private schools Sasha and Malia were looking at. She goes to our local public school." Rosin believes that an age-old Washington-Hollywood line has been crossed. In normal times, "[celebrities] come here to be boring, and we pretend they're not famous. … Now that dynamic is out of whack, and everyone's fawning all over everyone." As evidence, she enlists the guest list of tonight's Huffington Post party, which includes Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Jon Bon Jovi, Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Marisa Tomei, Demi Moore, and Ashton Kutcher. She goes on to worry that celebrities "will be visiting a lot more often now that we have the Ur-Celebrity in the White House."