David Cameron Condemns Student Protests

Hopefully there’s room for police in the new austerity budget. Prime Minister David Cameron condemned the violence that erupted Wednesday when students protesting tuition hikes and education-budget cuts stormed Conservative Party headquarters. According to the National Union of Students, 50,000 people joined in the protests, but Scotland Yard says only 225 officers were drafted to monitor it. Cameron, who watched the protests unfold from the G-20 meeting in Seoul, said: “I could see a line, a thin blue line of extremely brave police officers, trying to hold back a bunch of people who were intent on violence and destruction. They were very brave those police officers, but as the police themselves have said there weren't enough of them.” Clare Solomon, president of the University of London Student Union, was unrepentant: “These were a few windows of the Tory Party headquarters - what they're doing to our education is absolutely millions… and they want to complain about a few windows."