‘Dark Hunter’ Author Sherrilyn Kenyon Accuses Husband of Poisoning Her

The bestselling paranormal/fantasy/romance author Sherrilyn Kenyon has accused her husband of poisoning her over a three-year period after tests showed she had high levels of toxic metals in her body. Lab testing reportedly showed the writer had unusually high levels of lithium, tin, barium, platinum, and thorium in her hair samples. The doctor who tested her reportedly told her to hire an attorney immediately and, according to Kenyon: “[The doctor] said, ‘There’s no way this could have happened naturally or environmentally.’” Kenyon called the sheriff’s office in Williamson County, Tennessee, and a detective has been assigned to the case. Kenyon is suing her husband, claiming that he fed her toxic-laced food and wanted her dead for life-insurance money. Kenyon said of her marriage: “I thought I had a happy marriage. Compared to what I was used to, he was awesome... No marriage is without problems, but it wasn’t like my mother and father, where they threw furniture at each other.” Kenyon is best known for her “Dark Hunter” series.