The Force

Daily Beast Staffer Nabs an Emmy

The Emmys are tomorrow night, but The Daily Beast's senior designer Annelise Pruitt has already snagged one in the category of interactive media. Her project, created with Jamie Wilkinson and Casey and Chad Pugh—not to mention hundreds on online fans—is called Star Wars: Uncut. It’s a remaking of the first Star Wars, with 473 separate 15-second scenes recreated with Legos, animation, live-action, and other methods. Multiple versions of each scene were submitted, and a computer program automatically strings together the scenes rated highest by users. The movie is a revolution in “crowd-sourced and code-directed art,” Pruitt says. The producers are working through legal issues to gain permission to present the full film; as of now, it has only played once, at a Copenhagen festival. The team is working with Lucasfilm to air the movie on the cable channel Spike.