Daddy, Who’s Really My Daddy?

Everyone thinks their family is crazy, but in her new memoir, Love Child, Allegra Huston proves hers might just take the cake. Huston grows up in an orbit of glamorous relatives, and chronicles her experiences in this “inevitably star-studded” book. But in her teens, she discovers that the man who has raised her, director John Huston, is not really her father. She is the product of an affair between her mother (a famous ballerina) and John Julius Norwich, a viscount and historian. Huston has spent her life figuring out who her three parents really are, and where she fits into this intricate family web. According to the New York Times’ Janet Maslin, there’s a lot left unsaid in this memoir. “It’s fascinating to read her book verbatim," she writes. "It’s even more so to read it between the lines.”