Cupid Strikes Fla. Catholic Priest

Father Alberto Cutie, a devout Catholic priest who took the vow of celibacy at 18, could resist the sensual atmosphere of Miami's South Beach no longer. After laying eyes on the woman of his dreams, slowly but surely, and in spite of Catholic doctrine, romance blossomed. Now the priest—a superstar in the Hispanic community—has been stripped of his duties at his church and on the radio, after a Spanish-language tabloid published photos of the two lounging on the beach. And though he has apologized for his keeping the relationship a secret, it appears the priest is not going to change his ways. As a matter of fact, he wants to get married and start a family. Fortunately for Cutie, his career will survive in one form or another: The vast majority of his parishioners are outspoken in their support for him. ''Falling in love is not something that I chose to do," Cutie tells The Miami Herald, which has a fascinating rundown of his story. "It's something I have been struggling with for a long time.''