Cuomo Subpoenas AIG

Watch out, AIG: Andrew Cuomo’s on your tail. The New York attorney general announced this afternoon the insurance giant hasn’t given him the information he sought about its $165 million in bonuses, and he’s issuing subpoenas for the data. Cuomo had set a 4 p.m. deadline for the information on payments to AIG’s money-hemorrhaging financial products unit, which were sent out Friday. “I believe in transparency and disclosure,” he said on a conference call. “We believe taxpayers have a right to know.” Bailout king AIG is doling out the bonuses over the objections of the Obama administration, claiming it is bound by contracts. But Cuomo says that because the company received federal bailout money, it must consider what’s best for taxpayers: “You could argue that if taxpayers hadn’t bailed out A.I.G., the contracts wouldn’t be worth the paper they were signed on,” he said.