Cuba Reveals New Photos of Fidel Castro

For the first time in more than five months, Cuba has released images of Fidel Castro. The photos feature the 88-year-old former president hunching over university student leader Randy Perdomo Garcia as the two engaged in conversation on Jan. 23, according to Perdomo’s account. The student leader penned an article about his meeting with Castro for more than three hours in Castro’s home after celebrating the 70th anniversary of the revolutionary leader starting his education at the University of Havana. Perdomo said he and Castro discussed the release of three Cuban intelligence agents as a part of December’s landmark declaration between Cuba and the U.S. to restore diplomatic relations. Castro’s appearances have been sparse since he stepped down from his role as president after a serious illness in 2006. Monday’s photos are the first images of Castro since August, when he was pictured with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.