Cuba Not Too Proud to Beg

President Obama is in Trinidad today along with representatives of 34 countries for a Latin American summit, but it's Cuba, absent from the meeting, that's drawing the most attention this week. Hoping to build off of a White House decision to ease travel restrictions on Cuba, President Raul Castro is signaling that he is open to discussing some of the thorniest obstacles to getting rid of the American embargo there. "We have sent messages to the U.S. government in private and in public that we are willing to discuss everything, whenever they want," Castro said on Thursday in a speech. "Human rights, press freedom, political prisoners, everything, everything, everything they want to talk about." Obama has cited these issues as being among several that would need to be dealt with to further normalize relations between the two countries. With little to show for its 47 year embargo and Fidel Castro old and frail, could the U.S. finally be set to move on?