Cuba Calls for U.S., Canada to Probe Alleged ‘Sonic Attack’

The president of the Cuban Academy of Sciences, Luis Velázquez, has called for the U.S. and Canadian national science academies to launch a “joint scientific inquiry” into the alleged “attacks” that left diplomats at the American Embassy in Havana ill, according to The Guardian. The U.S. cut its Havana embassy staff and expelled 15 Cuban diplomats from the country after American officials and their families reported feeling a myriad of symptoms. Canada called home 10 of its diplomats from Havana last month after they reported feeling similar symptoms. A preliminary report from the Journal of the American Medical Association states that the condition seems to be “a new syndrome that resembles persistent concussion in people who have not received blows to the head.” Last week, consulate staff in China also reported similar symptoms, and the U.S. issued a health warning for citizens in the country.