CT Gov Candidates Both Claim Win

Do they have bunk beds in the Connecticut governor’s mansion? Daniel P. Malloy (D) and Thomas C. Foley (R), the two candidates in Connecticut’s near-tie gubernatorial election, have claimed victory and are working with transition teams in preparation for taking office. On Election Day, polling places ran out of ballots, anticipating a lower turnout, and voting hours were extended at the last minute to repair the situation. The two camps declared victory late Tuesday night. With the vote count still too close to call, the confusion and the tallying of votes continued. Adding to the problem, Bridgeport election officials went home for a nap in the middle of counting on Thursday, until a police officer roused them and made them get back to work while lawyers kept watch. “I’m hoping Connecticut doesn’t become another Florida,” said one local politico. The two candidates appear to be separated by a few thousand votes.