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Cruise Ships Dock in Haiti

A mere 60 miles away from the wreckage of Haiti's earthquake zone, there are tourists drinking cocktails delivered to their hammocks and enjoying private beaches. Not everyone agrees with Royal Carribean International's decision to continue cruise ship visits to their heavily guarded Haitian resort in the coming weeks, despite the quake. One passenger said "I can't see myself sunning on the beach, playing in the water, eating a barbecue and enjoying a cocktail while there are tens of thousands of dead people being piled up on the streets, with the survivors stunned and looking for food and water." Another said it was hard enough to picnic at the resort before, "knowing how many Haitians were starving," adding "I can't imagine having to choke down a burger there now." The Florida-based cruise line, which leases a private peninsula from the Haitian government, has said it will donate all proceeds from the visit to Haiti, while the company's vice-president called the resort "critical to Haiti's recovery" because it employs hundreds of Haitians and can use its vessels to help transport relief supplies.