Critics Savage New 'Twilight'

Critics agree: Twlight: Breaking Dawn is awful. Time aggregates some of the harshest critiques of the latest installment of the fanatically followed vampire series, including HitFlix's Drew McWeeny's assessment that "Twilight is to real horror as cotton candy is to real food. But only if the cotton candy is spun out of arsenic and crystal meth, because for the metaphor to be accurate, it needs to be something that is sickly sweet but genuine poison." The general consensus seems to be that the film is frighteningly long, oftentimes dull and mind-numbingly slow, not to mention unbelievable. Kimberly Gadette alerts Doddle readers, "The movie's tagline states, 'Forever is only the beginning ...' After a few minutes of viewing this lifeless pap, we realize that it's not a slogan at all. It's a warning."