Crist Mulls Jim Morrison Pardon

Not that it would do Jim Morrison any good these days, but his 1969 conviction for indecent exposure and profanity in Miami could be expunged from his record. Outgoing Governor Charlie Crist, who was defeated last week in his bid for the U.S. Senate by Marco Rubio, said he was considering pardoning the former Doors frontman. Morrison has been dead since 1971. “Candidly, it's something that I haven’t given a lot of thought to, but it's something I’m willing to look into in the time I have left,” Crist said. “Anything is possible.” Morrison, a Florida native, earned himself the conviction after a concert in Miami when he, allegedly, drunkenly exposed himself and acted lewdly. At the time, his lawyers hoped to turn it into a First Amendment case. Doors fans have spent years asking for a pardon.