Craigslist Ad Led Officials to Michigan State Physicist Accused of Bestiality

A Craigslist ad specifically asking for a “restless dog or horse” led investigators to the doorstep of 51-year-old Joseph Hattey, the Michigan State University employee who was recently charged with two counts of bestiality. The Lansing State Journal reports the ad read: “Anyone have a restless dog or horse that needs occupied for a while? I love playing with them. Preferably not fixed but either is fine, male animals preferred.” Ingham County Animal Control found the man who placed the ad, and he told officials he saw Hattey “having sexual contact with a dog while he was at Hattey’s home” this year. Investigators then seized Hattey’s phone and computer, which allegedly had photos of “human and animal acts” and others showing Hattey having sex with a dog with a “distinctive” fur pattern. The dog in question, a basset hound named Flash, was reported to have “suffered anal trauma” but is now in an adoptive home and has a new name.