2 or 22?

Counter: Mitt Had 20 Incorrect Votes

What happens in Iowa doesn’t necessarily stay in Iowa. A 28-year-old Iowa vote counter tells KCCI Des Moines that his 53-person caucus gave Romney only 2 votes—though the Iowa Republican Party’s website says 22 votes were cast for Romney. If there was really a typo—hitting the ‘2’ key twice—those 20 allegedly incorrect votes for Romney would make Rick Santorum the winner. The Iowa Republican Party has shot back, saying that since the 28-year-old—who actually supports Ron Paul—is not a precinct captain or county chair, he can’t talk about the results. While the caucus results are still to be certified, Santorum’s surge in donations and popularity post-Iowa have already cemented him as a serious candidate. Santorum brushed off the reports, saying that since there were two tally errors, he still would have lost.