Domestic Terror

Could Oklahoma City Happen Again?

The Oklahoma City bombings took place a full 15 years ago, but is the U.S. poised for a repeat of the tragic attack? As the American political climate grows more and more tense in the midst of Tea Party anger, some are drawing comparisons to the events of 1995 on the anniversary of Timothy McVeigh’s attack, and Bill Clinton said, “I think the circumstances have a lot of parallels.” There are currently 512 extremist militias in the U.S., reports the Christian Science monitor, close to four times as many as existed one year ago. “Resurgent anger at the federal government has again caught fire,” said a spokesman for the Southern Law Poverty Center. Clinton criticized political commentators for fanning the flames of people such as Joe Stack, who flew a plane into a Texas IRS building in February, and said, “You have to think about the echo chamber in which your words resonate.” Rush Limbaugh quickly hit back at the perceived jibe, saying, “If there is a future incident such as Oklahoma City, the blame is squarely… on the shoulders of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.”