Could Dems Still Close Gitmo?

Maybe his speech on torture worked, after all: President Obama may lead Senate Democrats to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay after all, reports the Associated Press. Though a 90-6 vote resoundingly denied Obama's attempt to appropriate money to shut down the controversial home of 240 terror-related detainees, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid indicated on Saturday that he is "wanting and willing to work with" Obama on a solution. Though many Senate Republicans complained about Obama's plan on its fundamental merits, touting the value of Guantanamo as a whole, Democrats like Hawaii's Daniel Inouye expressed concern primarily about logistics, arguing that the administration lacked a "coherent plan." If Reid and Obama can work one out, ending Guantanamo could still happen; Democrats who voted against Obama's measure, like Delaware's Tom Carper, say they are ready "to have a conversation." But 20-ton elephant in the room—where the detainees will go, and whose Congressional districts will be affected—will have to be settled, first.