Cosby Under Oath: I Drugged Women

In a 2005 sexual-abuse lawsuit, Bill Cosby admitted that he purchased Quaaludes to drug young women he wanted to sleep with, and gave the drug to at least one woman. The comedian was being sued by a Temple University employee. Cosby said he gave her three half-pills of Benadryl. The documents also reveal he asked his agent at William Morris to send money to a woman accusing him of assault. He settled the lawsuit, but the court documents were released after petition by the Associated Press and over objections by his lawyers, who said they would embarrass their client. More than a dozen women have come forward with claims of drugging and sexual assault by Cosby. Gloria Allred, who is representing a group of women, said in a statement to The Daily Beast that she is “very hopeful we will be able to use this admission” in her case.