Cosby Accusers React With Tears, Joy After Guilty Verdict

Several Bill Cosby accusers burst out in tears on Thursday after the disgraced comedian was found guilty on all charges in his sexual-assault trial. Former Playboy Playmate Victoria Valentino—who was allegedly assaulted in 1969—said outside of the Philadelphia courthouse that she was “so glad to see him do the perp walk,” according to a Washington Post reporter. “We have a tsunami, baby!” Valentino told another reporter. For many accusers, the verdict marks the end of a long wait for justice. “It’s just wonderful. I feel like every one of us has been vindicated. I’m in tears,” accuser Sunni Welles told the New York Daily News. “We’re all vindicated, oh my God, after 50 years for me. This is fantastic.” Chelan Lasha was allegedly assaulted in 1986, and said she feels “that the judicial system works. 32 years of nightmares and tears are over,” in a statement given to The Daily Beast. Janice Baker-Kinney, allegedly assaulted in 1982, wrote in a statement on Twitter. “I am overwhelmed with joy, relief, and gratitude. May this verdict open the floodgates to those who have been hiding their shame for far too long and give them the courage to come forward.” Gloria Allred, who brought many of the accusers forward to the public, said in a statement that Cosby was “guilty, guilty, guilty... Justice has finally been done.”