Cops Identify Torso Found in Brooklyn Park

The armless, legless torso found in a Brooklyn park Monday night has been identified, according to the New York Daily News. Brandy Odom, a 26-year-old who lived across the street from Canarsie Park, was identified by family members as the victim. Odom’s legs, arms, and “other body parts” were eventually found in plastic bags after law enforcement searched the park Tuesday. Odom's face was also reportedly “swollen and bruised.” The medical examiner has yet to determine an official cause of death, but police sources claim that Odom “may have been strangled.” No arrests have been made thus far. Community members often saw Odom wearing a “security guard uniform” and said she was “very intelligent and educated[.]” The park remained closed on Wednesday, and a vigil for her will reportedly take place Wednesday evening.