Cops Find Pipe Bombs in Eric Frein Manhunt

Police searching for accused state-trooper killer Eric Frein in the dense woods of the Poconos Mountains have found two pipe bombs that could have been rigged to explode with a trip wire, authorities say. Officials describe the bombs as “substantial explosive devices” and said metal nuts attached to them are “used to create shrapnel.” They apparently were designed to be detonated with either a fuse or a trip wire. Lt. Col. George Bivens said the devices are consistent with Frein’s “gutless efforts to kill and injure law enforcement from a distance.” It is also, officials say, a sign that Frein is getting scared, as they appeared to be “hastily discarded” and abandoned “under pressure.” Frein, 31, is accused of shooting two Pennsylvania state troopers, killing one, Cpl. Bryon Dickson, at the Blooming Grove police barracks on Sept. 12.