Coppola, Van Sant Vetted for Breaking Dawn

Will the final two Twilight movies get Oscar-caliber talent? Sources indicate that Summit Entertainment has approached Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation), Gus Van Sant (Milk), and Bill Condon (Dreamgirls) to direct Breaking Dawn, its fourth installment. Breaking Dawn will be split into two movies, and the plot will take a turn for the absurd: The books include (spoiler alert) a demon baby—which may make filming it a near impossibility. But that doesn't mean Summit won't try: Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg's outline is expected to be sent to the powerful trio of directors sometime next week. Only Van Sant's reps have confirmed that he was approached, but Kristen Stewart told MTV that she's happy that all three were being courted. Coppola probably won't be confirming any time soon: The pregnant director is working to finish Somewhere. Critics are already doubting the idea of a "prestige" director helming a movie (or two) that could not be any more commercial, but only time will tell if any of these auteurs is willing to put his or her career on the line for the chance to film Stewart birthing a baby vampire.