Cop Shot Into Car of Unarmed Black Teens

Video has finally surfaced of a Chicago police officer was recorded on video firing over a dozen shots into a car filled with six unarmed black teenagers. The video was recorded in December 2013 but was only recently obtained by The Chicago Reporter thanks to an irate former judge who had it in his personal posession. Officer Marco Proano, the officer shown in the video, has been cleared of six previous complaints filed against him between 2011 and 2015, including one involving excessive force. The video was provided by retired judge Andrew Berman, who was the magistrate in a criminal case against one of the teenagers. Berman called the video one of the most unsettling things he'd ever seen in his 18 years as a judge. "I've seen lots of gruesome, grisly crimes,” he said. “But this is disturbing on a whole different level.” Two of the teenagers were injured.