Cop Claims Christie Retaliation

A new lawsuit has emerged alleging misdeeds done in support of Chris Christie during his first run for governor of New Jersey. This time it is by veteran State Trooper John Pizzuro, who says he was punished for refusing to sign nominating petitions supporting Christie in 2009. Pizzuro alleges that he was asked by a colleague, Detective Sgt. Ronald Hampton, to sign while he was on official time. Pizzuro refused and claims he was told, “You have to sign it if you want things to get better.” Pizzuro, who was working for the Official Corruption Unit, says that he was passed over last year for a promotion that was instead given to Hampton, and was denied promotion by Hampton multiple times despite being first in line. The New Jersey State Police are seen as having one of the most subjective promotion systems in the country and often face suits accusing it of being used to reward friends and punish those who speak out.