Conway Condemns Leaks to Media on Russia

Top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday urged Americans to be “concerned” over the fact that recent findings on Russian interference in the presidential election were leaked to the press. “We should all be very concerned about that because you had a closed-door House Intelligence Committee briefing, and no sooner do people walk out apparently then some folks were talking to the media,” Conway told Megyn Kelly on Fox News, referring to the explosive Washington Post report on the CIA’s conclusion that Russia tried to help Donald Trump win the recent election. “That’s unfortunate and at some level, maybe not it this instance, Megyn, but at some point it could put all of us at risk. And for what purpose? To politicize or to curry favor with the mainstream media? None of that is worth leaking secrets,” she said. Conway went on to blame the “election deniers” for “politicizing” reports on Russian interference before taking a jab at the mainstream media. Reports that Russian meddling “changed the election result,” she said, are part of a false narrative by the media “that is just not proven, that is just false and its dangerous to our democracy.”