Supreme Court

Conservatives Ready Court Fight

With the field of potential replacements for Supreme Court Justice David Souter narrowed, conservative groups are pooling resources to weaken the nominees they most oppose. The New York Times reported on Saturday night on a set of 10 memos summarizing research that a series of religious, legal, and socially conservative groups collaborated on: Judge Kathleen Sullivan would be denounced as a "prominent supporter of homosexual marriage," Judge Sonia Sotomayor for being "willing to expand constitutional rights beyond the text of the Constitution," and Judge Diane Wood for being an "outspoken" supporter of "abortion, including partial-birth abortion." The memos are said to analyze potential nominees' records, primarily with regards to their stances on socially conservative issues. Many note that a heated court battle could be a fundraising boon for flailing right-wingers. Liberal groups are also said to have set up shared research groups and are confident in their ability to support any Obama nominee. Leaders of both the left- and right-wing groups agree that the appointment will likely be a woman.