Connecticut’s 111-Game Streak Is Over After Defeat to Mississippi State

Mississippi State beat the previously undefeated University of Connecticut on Friday night with a 66-64 win, ending the Huskies’ 111-game winning streak. Mississippi State’s junior guard Morgan William scored the winning points as the final buzzer sounded on Friday in the NCAA women’s tournament semifinals. The Bulldogs erupted into celebration, with William’s teammates rushing onto the court to congratulate her. Even Geno Auriemma, the coach of the University of Connecticut’s Huskies, congratulated William, despite his team’s loss, which is being described as the biggest upset in college basketball history. “You know what? When stuff like this happens, it kind of makes me shake my head and go, 'You know how many times this could have happened and it didn't happen?” Auriemma said. “The fact that it never happened, that doesn't mean I went home thinking it's never going to happen. I knew this was coming at some point,” he said. The Bulldogs will now face off against South Carolina in the all-SEC national championship game on Sunday.