Connecticut Explosion Kills One, Injures Eight Officers During Hostage Situation

One person was killed and as many as eight police officers were injured in an explosion Wednesday night when they responded to “a very violent domestic call” of a man holding his wife hostage in North Haven, Connecticut. The standoff, which was still going on early Thursday morning, occurred when police “were trying to coax him... out of the house and really try to calm the situation down,” local politician Michael Freda said. “Then things took a turn for the worse with an explosion.” According to CNN, Freda said it appeared that a back building had been “booby trapped,” which caused the blast. North Haven resident Joan Mazurek, 76, spoke of her shock, saying: “We heard all the, oh my God, all the ambulances and fire engines. The noise from all the emergency vehicles was unbelievable.” A fire was still blazing at the scene Thursday morning and police couldn't confirm the suspect was in custody, but his wife is reported to have escaped before the explosion. One body was found at the scene.