Tiger Beat

Confirmed: Woods in Sex Rehab

On hearing confirmation from a source that Tiger Woods is indeed at the Pine Grove/Gentle Path center in Hattiesburg, Miss., journalist Benoit Denizet-Lewis takes the opportunity—based on both personal and journalistic experience—to describe what Woods is likely to undergo while at the treatment center. First, Denizet-Lewis writes, the golfer will "sign a 'celibacy contract' that includes a pledge not to have sex with anyone, or to masturbate, while in treatment." He will undergo group therapy, writing "empathy letters" to his wife and possibly others in an effort to "build empathy for those [he] had hurt." And what about Elin? "If Tiger and Elin are serious about repairing the marriage," writes Denizet-Lewis, "she will be spending some time in treatment with Tiger," likely writing him "'cost letters' detailing how the addiction had affected [her]."