Bottom Feeding

Condiment Outrages Conservatives

Another sign that President Obama is an elitist Muslim terrorist: The President ordered a cheeseburger with Dijon mustard. "What kind of man orders a cheeseburger without ketchup but Dijon mustard?” asked Laura Ingraham after the president’s visit to an Arlington, Virginia burger joint with Vice President Joe Biden. Sean Hannity played a Grey Poupon commercial and said "I hope you enjoyed that fancy burger, Mr. President." Mark Steyn, filling in for Rush Limbaugh, said Obama was trying "to enlighten us" through his order. The blog Gateway Pundit wrote “They're just two ordinary metrosexual guys going out for a burger.” Sean Hannity prefers his burgers completely raw, wrapped in steak instead of a bun, and with cow blood as the only condiment.