Seen This?

Condemned Cow Earns Freedom

An inspiration for us all: “A condemned cow made a desperate bid for freedom yesterday, bolting from a slaughterhouse and leading cops on a wild chase through the streets of Queens,” writes the New York Post. The cow, nicknamed Molly, escaped from the Musa Hala slaughterhouse and evaded cops for about an hour. “I heard a lady scream. Then I saw a baby cow,” said one witness. "I wasn't surprised at all," said the woman whose yard Molly was eventually cornered in. "In my home country [Guyana], we are used to it. My father was a butcher.” Molly was subdued with tranquilizer darts and then brought to the Center for Animal Care and Control in Brooklyn. Best of all, there appears to be a happy ending: “She may have earned clemency. Officials hope to find her a permanent home at an animal sanctuary.”