Conan Banned From Newark Airport

Mayor Cory Booker has had enough of Tonight Show host Conan O'Brien's Newark-bashing. "The mayor of Newark, N.J., wants to set up a citywide program to improve residents' health," Conan joked last week. "The health-care program consists of a bus ticket out of Newark." Now, according to the New York Post, Booker has released a YouTube video informing Conan that he can no longer set foot on city soil. Furthermore, the mayor said, "according to the powers invested in me by the people of the city of Newark, I'm officially putting you on the Newark, N.J., airport no-fly list." Last night, Conan challenged Booker to an on-air debate, and claimed the airport ban wouldn't affect him because he could "navigate the nation's sewer system," to the city because, "everyone knows all sewers lead to Newark."