Commemorative North Korea Summit Coin Now Selling at a Discount

The White House Gift Shop put its commemorative North Korean summit coins on sale Thursday, after President Donald Trump announced that he’d canceled his meeting with Kim Jong Un. It was listed as a “Deal of the Day” on the site, which appears to have crashed or shut down. The coins were on sale for the discount price of $19.95, down from their original price of $24.95. An archived version of the site states that “the coin will be made whether or not the summit occurs as scheduled” and customers can “request a refund but most supporters have said they want this heirloom of political history regardless of outcome.” The site also says the coin features the silhouettes of Trump, Kim, and President Moon Jae-In of South Korea, along with a “Asian Design Motifs with Harmony as the Unifying Design Theme.” The coin also comes with a “black velvet coin case” and “black velvet jewel case.”