Colmes to Leave Hannity

Fox News' resident liberal, Alan Colmes, is splitting with his longtime on-screen nemesis, conservative commentator Sean Hannity, to develop a show of his own. Colmes will also remain on the network as a liberal commentator and will keep his FOX radio show. During the 12 years that Hannity and Colmes have shared a stage, Colmes has come under criticism from many liberals for his inability to establish himself as strong progressive voice on the roundly conservative network. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. once compared Colmes to the Harlem Globetrotters sad-sack opponent, the Washington Generals, saying Colmes "whole job is to lose every argument." FOX news chief Roger Ailes disagrees. "Alan is one of the key reasons why FOX News has been such a remarkable success. We're sad to see him leave the program but we look forward to his ongoing contributions to the network," Ailes said.