College Sophomore Wins Oscar for Short Documentary

Spike Lee and Olivia Colman weren’t the only ones to win big at the Oscars on Sunday night: A college sophomore studying at the University of Pennsylvania also clinched an award. At 20-years-old, Claire Sliney is perhaps among the youngest to ever win the coveted award. Sliney took home an Oscar for co-executive producing Period. End of Sentence, which won the short documentary film award. According to Philly Magazine, Sliney got involved in the film by being one of the founders of a nonprofit that helps women in rural India obtain affordable menstruation sanitary pads. The short film reportedly examines the nonprofit's efforts to defeat the stigma of having periods in India. Two other co-executive producers, Avery Siegel at Tulane University and Ruby Schiff at Kenyon College, were also honored at the awards. The director of Penn’s cinema studies department reportedly told a local radio station that he believed Sliney was the first-ever Penn student to be nominated for an Oscar while still enrolled in the school.